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What to Look for in a Spa Destination In Edinburgh

We love to look and feel good, which is why we are so picky when it comes to deciding on a salon to take care of us. Before you go ahead and book an appointment with a salon, you will want to make sure that you are choosing the best salon for your needs. There are certain things that you should consider before you book an appointment.

Look at The Beauty Services On Offer

Easily one of the biggest things to consider when you are looking for a beauty salon is the services that they offer. If you are someone who likes options when it comes to getting services, you will want a full-service salon with a variety of choices for you. For instance, at our salon, you get a variety of services in addition to hair styling like hair removal, spray tanning, and massages just to name a few of our services. Think about what type of services you like to receive and then start your search for your new salon.

The Salon Staff

While services are incredibly important, the people that are performing these services are just as important. A high-quality salon will have a highly trained and knowledgeable staff that has all of the certifications that you could want to ensure that you are in good hands.

Qualifications are essential but so are the actual people doing the services. You want to get services from a staff of people that you feel comfortable around. Friendly service is crucial because this is what makes a fantastic beauty salon. You want someone who will listen to you and answer any questions that you may have about various products and services.

Customer Recommendations

Chances are, your friends and family go to a salon that they love. Ask them for their input, and they will give you plenty of options. People are always more than willing to talk about a salon where they had a particularly bad or good experience at. In fact, most salons get their business through word of mouth. Talking to people directly can be much more informative than searching reviews on locations online.


There are some salons that you may pay significantly less at and others that can be very expensive. You want to find a careful balance between a more affordable location and a higher end one. The reason for this is because you get exactly what you pay for in this industry. Spending more means that you are more likely to get someone with a lot of experience and training for their services, so you will be more likely to be satisfied with the services.

Check out the Salon First

After you have decided on a few different options for your salon, you should check it out before you go for your first visit. This will help you to determine a few different things. First of all, this will help you to determine the cleanliness of the place. If an area is dirty, you will not want to spend a lot of time there especially for services like massages or hair removal. Hygiene of the place and their employees can make or break a salon.

You also want to look at the setup. Is everything easy to access for all of the employees? Is there privacy for those more sensitive services? Take a look around to see how comfortable the location feels to you. Also, take note of the equipment that they have in the salon. You want to be sure that they have everything that they need for the services and that the equipment is in good repair. You want a beauty salon that you feel comfortable in as well as one that has quality equipment in use. While you are there, be sure to take some time to get a feel for the friendliness of the employees. This can help improve your experience at the salon.

Also, take the time to have a consultation at the salon. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your concerns and wants for your services with a member of the staff. You can get a feel for how much they know and their skill level this way. This also allows you to see if you click with the stylist, something that makes all of the difference.

Only Using The Best Quality Products

While this may not be as important as some other aspects on this list, but products can be a significant factor in where you choose to go. The products there should be professional grade quality products, not ones that you can easily buy at your local grocery store or pharmacy. You also want to make sure that the products are something that you can afford, in case you find that you like the way that the product makes you look.


Finding a new spa destination is not as easy as you may think it would. There is a lot to consider, especially the services and the staff that works there. Take your time to find a salon that you will enjoy. It is worth the wait to find a fantastic Edinburgh beauty salon that offers you all of the services that you could want with friendly service.