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Fuller Thicker Hair with Serioxyl

Sometimes, the hair life cycle is disturbed and gets thinner. No matter what the cause L’oreal Preffesional Serioxyl can help. Using the new ingrediant stemoxydine in the hair care programe you can get visibly thicker and fuller looking hair instantly. Starting in the salon, we will individually recommened the the next step to your new fuller hair.

Super Serums

The professional intervension that effeciently fights hair thinning from the very first signs.

  • Denser Hair Every day Treatment

Enriched with Stemoxydine and Neohesperidin. It is a 3 month program to improve hair density to get thicjker looking hair.

  • Thicker hair Serum

Instantly more thickness increasing the diameter of each hair fibre.

Kit For Natural Hair

For natural thinning hair the shampoo is a cleansing product which will leave your hair looking fuller and thicker, whilst the bodifying conditioner helps make your hair feel soft and cares for the fibre. Finishing off your hair care programme with the Aqua Mousse which lifts the hair at the roots giving you the volume.


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