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CND Shellac is an amazing system which lets you have gorgeous glossy nails that will last up to two weeks and dries instantly leaving your nails smudge and chip free. It goes on like a polish but dries like a gel. You can choose from a wide range of colour’s or choose a classic French, which all includes a file, cuticle work and colour of your choice.


Calgel soak off gel was designed with the natural nail in mind. It allows sunlight and air to penetrate which helps to improve the condition of your natural nail. Calgel protects and allows nail growth, while providing beautiful, long lasting glossy nails.

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Manicure Prices

Vinylux 7 day manicure
Treatment includes hand soak, cuticle tidy, hand massage and Vinylux nail polish of your choice.
Shellac manicure
Shellac is and extended wear polish which dries instantly and lasts for up to 2 weeks. High gloss finish
Shellac Removal & Re-Apply£35.00
Calgel manicure
Calgel helps imporve and protect the natural nail. It encourages natural nail growth while providing long-lasting, glossy-nails.
Calgel Infill£35.00
Calgel Removal & Re-Apply£41.50
Calgel Removal£12.00
(Add £5.00 for French to any nail treatment. Nails can last, but we don't guarantee any nail treatments) Manicure includes cuticle work, buffing and nail maintenance and a relaxing hand massage finished off with a colour of CND Vinylux polish of your choice.

Pedicure Prices

Shellac Toes£32.00
Shellac Removal & Re-Apply
Gorgeous high gloss, instant dry toe nails. Includes cuticle work, shape and file and
Relax and enjoy a treat for your feet. This luxury treatment includes soaking in a spa
and exfoliation of your feet and legs (lower). Feet are buffed, moisturised then a relaxing
foot and lower leg massage. Nails are then polished with either Polish or Shellac

Why Our Customers Love Calgel

Gel nails, when compared with acrylic nails, have a more natural look, and none more so than Calgel.

Unlike other systems Calgel actually encourages and allows your nails to grow. It allows moisture and air to pass through the gel to ensure your nails remain healthy.

Calgel allows your natural nails to stay hydrated, ensuring that they don’t become brittle or flaky. This is one of the reasons you can maintain your look without the need for any “down time”. After you clean the nail of your existing layers, you can immediately add fresh layers without having to worry about any nail damage.

In fact, after having gels attached most customers pop in every two or three weeks for an infill to maintain their look.

Fancy a change of look when you pop back in? No problem. Ask your nail technician and they will change you from a lighter gel colour to a darker shade.

And if you want a complete change then the gels can be easily soaked off without the need for any drills or files. Calgel gives you so many options without comprising the health of your natural nails. It’s no wonder so many of the customers in our Morningside salon love it.