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Relax And Renew With A Reflexology Treatment

Lasma Popoza reflexologist EdinburghIf you are looking for the perfect way to de-stress, feel amazing, as well as give your health a great boost, then we recommend trusting the healing hands of our reflexologist Lasma Popoza.

Qualified, and highly experienced, she will help sooth away tension in you body and mind through this ancient art. Reflexology is remarkably relaxing, and the session will leave you feeling balanced, and ready to step into your day.

Reflexology sessions last 45 minutes, and cost £38. Your initial session will have an additional 15 minutes or so to allow you time answer questions about your health, so Lasma can ensure that you get the very best from your session.

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All About Reflexology

Reflexology a term which is also known as “Zone Therapy”, is an alternative medicine which involves the application of quality pressure to some parts of the body which are specific places like the feet, ears and hands, without the use of oil or lotion on certain reflex points on the thumbs, fingers and hand techniques.

Reflexologists say these specific reflex points link up to different organs and systems in the human body, and applying pressure those points gives great health benefits.

Because the principles of foot massage are not in agreement with the Western science, reflexology was not known in the United States until sometime in the 20th century. And it’s popularity has grown since then, so much that it is used as an alternative therapy due to the current medicine trend in totality.

Currently, over 20 countries across the world supports reflexology associations. Reflexology is well known mostly in Denmark and the UK.

This term reflexology differs from massage, as several people misunderstood and took them to be the same. Massage therapists deals with all the soft tissues in the body while reflexology deals with applying pressure to specific points on the hand, feet and ears. The only similarity between them is that they both manage symptoms related to stress.

Reflexology does not diagnose or cure diseases but it is used to complement the medical treatment given to a person, when addressing serious health conditions. It may also decrease anxiety, improve sleep and help enhance one’s overall well being. It can be used to fix sinuses at the tip of the toes by squeezing and releasing the toe repeatedly at 20 seconds interval.

It has also been used to treat shoulder ache by walking the thumb on the spine that is level with the shoulder and moving it up and down for several minutes and be sure to drink plenty water after the procedure.

Foot Reflexology

Do you know that foot massage dates back to as far as to ancient China and Egypt? Exactly, over 5,000 years ago the ancestors were rubbing each other’s feet. Europeans turned that into an art and invented reflexology.  They use to apply pressure to a person’s hand or feet in order to affect a physical change to the body.

It is based on a system of reflex areas and zones that relates with other parts of the body. There is a specific spot in the arch of the foot which corresponds to the bladder, so when the thumb is used to exert pressure on the spot it will affect the bladder function. Also diabetes restricts the flow of blood to the feet which may cause feet ulcer among others, which is why you need feet reflexology.

This act is based on the fact that there is an energy channel comprising of 12 vital organs existing from our feet to the top of our head and when applying pressure with the hand it unblocks the channel to restore proper health and organ function.

Health Benefits Of Reflexology

Reflexology has several great benefits, as our feet especially goes through a lot of stress every day, for example, we use the feet for walking, standing, running and jumping. From the reflexologists research, they claimed that reflexology;

  • Relieves normal and chronic headache
  • Can stimulate the activity of the internal organs
  • Successfully treats skin allergies, constipation, E.t.c
  • Can help in pain management
  • Prevents injuries in the feet, hand and ears
  • Stimulates nerve functions
  • Induce a deep state of relaxation
  • Prevents migraine
  • Treats urinary tract conditions
  • Stimulates the central nervous system
  • Eliminates toxins from the body as well as improving our mental and emotional condition.

When reflexology is done by a professional practitioner, it is totally a relaxing treatment with benefits that can be felt throughout the body. The therapist will use numerous techniques that includes kneading, finger pressure, holds, rotation and rubbing.

The effect should be felt all over the body if rightly done. Professional therapists also makes use of hands and feet as part of the reflexology treatment.

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