hairdressing for men in Edinburgh

Mens’ Hairdressing and Male Grooming

At MacGregor Hairdressing a significant percentage of our regular clients are guys. Nowadays it is becoming common for men to pay more attention to their hair and grooming than may have been the case in the past. Let us take care of you with our range of services just for men.

Mens' Hairdressing Pricelist 
Cut and Blow Dry with Stylist£20.00
Cut and Blow Dry with Principal Stylist or Salon Director£25.00
Colouring£35.00 (from)
Mens' Grooming Pricelist 
Waxing back and chest£37.00
Waxing back and shoulders£30.00
Waxing back£30.00
Waxing back, shoulders, upper arms£35.00
Waxing chest£25.00
Waxing chest and stomach£32.00
Eyebrow Wax / Threading£10.00
Male Manicure£20.00
Male Pedicure£30.00

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Why Should Men Visit A Professional Hair Salon Rather Than A Barber?

Many stylists base their career around the styling of men’s hair and there are a number of advantages for men who choose to visit a professional stylist rather than a barber.

Stylists have more experience with longer hair

Barbers will be very experienced with shorter, more traditional styles but if a man has longer hair then he will probably be better off visiting a stylist. Cutting longer hair on men is likely to need more tools than just a razor and the stylist will not only have access to these tools but will also be more experienced in using them.

Different techniques are also required to cut longer hair and it is likely that the stylist would be proficient in using these methods on a daily basis. With longer hair styles it may be necessary to use styling products and the stylist will have these products to hand when styling the hair and will be able to demonstrate to the client how to use them.

Stylists have more experience with coloured hair

Many men are now choosing to colour their hair and this is also something that a stylist will have more experience with. A man may choose to have a full head colour which changes the colour of all his hair, or just some highlights.

Whatever type of colouring work is being carried out, the client will need a skin test to ensure that he does not react to the hair colour and this is also something that the stylist will be able to carry out. The stylist will be able show the client the range of colours that they have available and help them choose one that will work well with their natural hair colour.

If a cut and colour is required then the stylist will be able to carry out both of these at the same time.

Stylists can create a new hair style

If a hair style is required that is very different to the one that the man already has then a stylist can help him choose this new style. They will be able to discuss the type of style that he is looking for and advise him about the particular styles that will suit his features.

A consultation can be provided by the stylist to talk through all the options and this is usually provided free of charge. The stylist may be able to provide photographs of styles that they have done on other men and this can help the client decide which type of style that they want to go for.

More and more men are choosing to visit a stylist over a barber when it is time for them to get their hair styled. While barbers offer more traditional cuts and styles, a stylist will have more experience in a wider range of styles, including longer hair styles and coloured hair.

If a man is looking for a completely new style then a MacGregor Hairdressing stylist will be able to offer advice about what sort of styles will suit him best.  Call today to book an appointment.

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We Are Delighted Welcome You. Here Is What We Are Doing Ro Ensure An Enjoyable And Safe Experience.

  • We will continue to socially distance in the salon . This means a smaller team in the salon at any one time.
  • You will be asked to arrive prompt and come alone if possible.
  • Masks must be worn by us and you
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  • Strict hygiene measures are in place
  • The toilets are in use if needed .
  • We can serve water but no other beverages at this time.

Lastly the salon has had a small makeover, we hope you enjoy our new relaxing shampoo experience.

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