All our hair is of the highest quality from Beauty works

Micro Rings or Stick Tip Extensions

The micro rings technique involve tiny copper or aluminum beads of double drawn hair being attached to individual strands of your own hair. Each strand can flow freely. No heat or glue is used.

The hair is sourced from Mongolian hair , where the hair is soft to touch, full of lustre and retrains vitality.

This method can be a thickening service or a full head of extension adding as much length as required by you.

Consultation is required

Prices (including starter care pack)

50 Bonds (Thickening service) 280.00

100 Bonds 360.00

150 Bonds 430.00

30 minute consultation – Book Online Now

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

These are pre bonded hair extensions, they are one of the safest methods. Applied by gently sealing a small keratin bond around the natural hair. The Keratin is protein based and is kind Is comfortable and flat to the hair . If properly looked after it lasts up to 3 months.

Prices (including a starter care kit)

50 Keratin bonds (thickening service) 310.00

100 keratin bonds 420.00

150 keratin bonds 525.00

Gold Weave Hair Extensions

Beauty Works Gold Weave is a revolutionary new weft design. Designed to maximise volume. Thickest hair extension made by Beauty works. It compacts 150 g of double drawn Remy hair onto a flat double wefted lace design. Tried and tested by the best in the business. Designed to be more secure and stronger than any other weft extensions on the market.

Channon’s unique application makes your hair feel secure for longer. We recommend you come back every 6 to 8 weeks to tighten up weave , this helps maintain your weave.

Hair if looked after correctly can last up to a year.

Prices (including a homecare kit)

18 inch £420.00

20 inch £440.00

22inch £460.00

There a few Bespoke colours, these cost £475.00

Hair extension weave before and after

hair extensions before and after at MacGregor Hairdressing Morningside Edinburgh

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